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This site provides you with tools to make the billing process more manageable and user-friendly. By creating an online account you will gain access to a simple, up-to-date summary of your account with useful resources that answer your billing questions. This is an easy way to conveniently view, manage, and pay your bills online.

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An easy way to view your Larkin Community Hospital billing statements and manage your account.

More convenience. Less paper.
Sign up for online billing and improve the way you access your payment information. Enrollment is easy. All you need is your Larkin Community Hospital patient number and the zip code from a previous statement.

Convenient Access
  • Instantly view, download and print your billing statements.
  • See all the same details that appear on paper statements.
  • Reference your previous six electronic statements.
Easy Payment Options
  • Pay online with your credit card or checking account.
  • Save the cost and the hassle of buying stamps.
  • Avoid late payments.
Secure Data
  • Eliminate the privacy risks of mishandled postal mail.
  • Feel confident you’re protected with the latest encryption tools.
Smarter Billing
  • Go paperless for a cleaner environment.
  • Clear the clutter of maintaining files at home.
Do not use Larkin Payment Portal for urgent medical matters. If you are experiencing an urgent medical problem, call 9-1-1 or your physician’s office immediately.